iStock 000020768594SmallKOHSEL ELEKTRONIK A/S was founded in 1969 and has since developed to a multinational company with own productionsites in Europe and Asia (see history chart). The strategic focus has in all the years been expansion and business development through exceptional focus on understanding the customers operational and technical needs at all times. This key focus is essential to the company and will in future be unchanged.

Today the company is financially strong (see financial report) and operational excellence in all aspects of the company’s value chain is done through a well defined centralized matric organizational structure that secures effective coordination and control cross continents. The company’s overall strategy is to be extremely customerfocused in all aspects, and therefore the company’s strategy and well-proven business model is the essential force for future business development of the company. The essential key driver for high customer satisfaction is a flexible customerfocused logisticfuntion securing delivery to the customers anywhere in the world.