Quality Management System

iso certificate2018 dkOur Quality Management System is a management system that focuses on goals, policies, responsibility and key business processes – with the shared purpose to reduce quality failure and improve environmental conditions. This is done through the proactive use of general processes and standardized key processes for all parts of the value chain that are being monitored and measured continuously.

The Quality system creates a frame where specific key processes are described and measured with the aim to deliver the highest possible quality. It is therefore expected that all managers at all times will lead quality work and make sure that the processes are being measured and controlled. 

There is also a clear expectation to all managers to create a quality culture, where continuous improvement is a natural and shared goal. It is expected that all managers will be co-working with employees and feel a great responsibility towards creating a culture, where the employees are motivated for suggesting quality improvement activities. 

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The management of Kohsel Elektronik A/S is obligated to work for continuous improvements of the quality system through motivation of the employees and by the use of appropriate quality tools and checklists. 

The management is responsible for making sure that all key processes are being measured and improved. 

The Quality system is made in accordance with the demands in ISO 9001:2015.

Our quality philosophy is that motivated employees creates quality, when the management co-creates an open employee-involving culture where quality improvement is central.