Code of conduct

conduct 1Our core values support a strong commitment to economic, environmental and socially sustainable development. We strongly believe that it is in the mutual interest of both Kohsel and our suppliers to meet the present and future requirements of the markets and society. This is done by demonstrating responsibility towards the people taking part in the manufacture our products.

Child Labour
We respect the children’s right to development and education. Therefore we do not support child labour, meaning that we do not use children as a work force in production.

We respect cultural differences and does not want to cooperate with suppliers who practice discrimination at work by race, religion, age, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Code of ConductForced Labour
We don’t tolerate forced or involuntary labour.

Working Environment
We support the fundamental human right to have sound working conditions.

Working Hours and Salary
We recognise the need for a sound balance between working time and leisure time for all employees. Unless the national law is different, the maximum working time is 48 hours per week plus maximum 12 hours overtime work. Except in extraordinary circumstances, all workers have the right to have at least one day off in a period of seven days. Salaries for overtime work shall be in accordance with the law.

The Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining
We respects the employees’ right to organise and to collective bargaining.

Through our environment environmental policy, we aim to reduce the negative environmental impact.

Corruption and bribery are recognized as some of the barriers for sustainable development and a barrier to free trade. We does not accept these practices and therefore does not offer or accept any kind of undue payment.

Download code of conduct for suppliers as PDF 

Download coe of conduct for employees as PDF