Production and delivery of intelligent transformer design solutions to industry customers is always a result of a shared co-creation process of technical designsolutions where the understanding of customer needs combined with our extensive knowledge and experience within intelligent transformer design and related technical solutions creates reliable, efficient high quality solutions for our customers.

All products are tested according to the highest standards in the business co-securing that the final technical solutions delivered by our customers to the market is of the highest possible quality.

Example of intelligent solution for the industry

industry 2aindustry 1a    

How we deliver to industry customers

After production at our factories in Europe and Asia according to the agreed intelligent UL-approved design and specifications, delivery is done to our customers through our effective global logistic setup. Our logistic setup have in all processes and activities a very clear focus on creating value added solutions for our customers through flexible customer specific supply and delivery world wide.

We design and produce 100 % according to our customers needs and deliver the agreed quality at the agreed place at the agreed point of time anywhere in the world.

industry delivery