technicalAll technical processes at Kohsel are ISO 9001 certified.

In the design phase raw materials are selected with a focus on low cost but still with sufficient high quality and in compliance with the negative list, UL, COC, ROHS and REACH.

When purchasing raw materials documentation and specifications for the materials are always quality reviewed to secure that the technical quality is high.

During production many different technical processes are used to create the final intelligent technical transformer solution.

Many different technical processes during production is used to create the final intelligent technical transformersolutions. If you want to watch some of the technical production processes used at Kohsel, you will find links under 'Technology and Processes' in the main menu.

Each technical design solution demands different kind of technical production. The quality management system secures the highest possible quality for the finished produced products. 

Technical testing of the final products are done in a numerous ways to secure that the quality of the final produced item match the standard of the specified drawing made by our engineers.

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