REACH – Declaration

Ledning2Kohsel Elektronik A/S manufactures transformers and – in relation to REACH – we are a downstream user. The transformers we supply to you are solely non-chemical goods. Moreover and under normal circumstances, the goods supplied to you shall not release any substance. For that Kohsel Elektronik A/S are neither obligatory for registration nor for the creation of material or safety data sheets (MSDS).

We will immediately inform you in correspondence to REACH – article 33, if any substance of content (as from a content of > 0.1%) in our goods will be classified alarming by the European Agency for Chemicals (ECHA).

Independent of the fact, we are intensively pursuing the realisation of REACH on the part of suppliers. We are in close contact with suppliers of chemistry and prepared material.

We will implement the pre-registration and / or later registration of the relevant materials in REACH respectively in our process of supplier qualification.

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